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Site Security

Longer Investments has taken extensive measures to ensure the integrity and security of client data. Here are some ways we ensure that we meet and exceed all expectations regarding data security:  

  • Encryption: Our Web site uses secure encrypted connections for display and transmittal of sensitive data. VeriSign, which has an industry wide reputation for quality and reliability, was chosen to provide secure server IDs for our clients. This site uses the highest grade of encryption allowable by the U.S. government (currently, 256-bit encryption, sometimes known as Strong Encryption) to protect data transmissions.
  • User IDs and Passwords: This Web site uses passwords to protect information that is deemed sensitive. Access to individual pages in the site is granted only by explicit authorization.
  • Portfolio Reporting Authentication: Each portfolio can be accessed only by explicit permission. Each client portfolio is segregated from other portfolios on the server. Report data is transmitted via 256-bit encryption. This site also uses the industry’s only proven “security wrapper,” a system that keeps users from accessing information in other portfolios. It also actively tracks and reports potential security violations.
  • Network Architecture: Investcloud.com, the site’s host, adheres to the strictest Internet security standards. It constantly monitors its firewalls, proxy servers, encrypted connections, and access policies to ensure the continued integrity of all systems.