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Clients and Fees

The Clients We Serve


Customized Investment Planning

Longer Financial provides investment planning and management services to a wide variety of clients throughout the United States. Among them are individuals, family trusts, corporations, charitable trusts, and not-for-profit foundations. We recognize that each client has unique investment objectives, tax considerations, income and liquidity needs, and investment preferences. With that in mind, we begin the investment process with each client by jointly developing a tailored investment plan that addresses those issues. Every portfolio we manage is individually invested and administered according to the client’s specific plan.

Shared Expectations

Although our clients differ from one another in many ways, they share several important characteristics:

  • While they value preservation of their capital, they are prepared to accept some level of market risk to preserve the purchasing power of that capital.
  • Though they wish to be involved in the investment process, they are willing to delegate the daily decision making required to manage money in today’s markets.
  • They want an investment advisory firm that provides a high level of personal service and assures total confidentiality.
  • They require investment expertise in combination with an ability to identify their needs and to design an investment strategy to meet those needs.


Longer Financial is a fee-based investment advisor. Our compensation is based on the market value of the assets under management. Longer Financial is not a broker-dealer.